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You benefit from hiring a Registered Builder.

Hiring Restumping Bendigo means you’re engaging a Registered Builder to restore your home. We guarantee quality, cleanliness, timeliness; we don’t rest until you are 100% happy with your new foundations. Our promise includes…

Fix Foundations First


Our first step is always to fix the foundations first. Meaning that any future renovations are built on brand new footings.

Fixed Price Restumping


Our restumping proposals are all at a fixed price, guaranteed. No hidden costs, no extras, just our expert work at a fixed investment.

Stress-Free Restumping


We take care of everything. From the permits, to the building works, we’ll ensure your home is looked after from start to finish.

Restumping Bendigo & Beyond.

We are a fully licensed building company that can help rebuild your home from the ground up.

With us you get the advice and insight from an experienced builder who understands the ins and outs of renovating old homes throughout Bendigo

Every structure needs a strong foundation and getting the foundation done correctly is the first step to making your home a long-term asset.

We make sure that your restumping is done the thorough way, preventing future problems from arising when renovating in the future and keeping your home safe and steadfast.

GUARANTEES to ensure your project is stress-free

1: Your investment is an absolute, fixed-price; there won’t be one cent more to pay
2: As we are registered builders, your whole project will be covered by insurance
3: All rubbish will be removed and disposed of correctly

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