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Benefits from hiring a Registered Builder in Castlemaine.

Hiring Restumping Bendigo in Castlemaine means you’re engaging a Registered Builder to restore your home. We guarantee quality, cleanliness, and timeliness; we don’t sign off until you are 100% happy with your releveled home.

Our promise includes…

Fix Foundations First


We always fix the foundations first. Brand new fittings mean your home is prepared for future renovations.

Fixed Price Restumping


Our proposals for restumping and releveling are at a guaranteed fixed price. No surprises, just outstanding work at a fixed investment.

Stress-Free Restumping


From start to finish, we take care of everything. From engaging contractors to permits and building works, we do the lot!

Restumping Castlemaine & Beyond.

Your home rebuild starts with a solid foundation. And that’s where we can help you, being fully licensed and Registered Builders in Castlemaine.

You should discuss and plan any major project such as restumping or releveling with a registered and professional builder because we understand what you’re going through and exactly what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Your home is your castle… a long-term wealth asset. It needs to be well maintained and long-term maintenance must begin with strong foundations.

The benefit of a solid foundation extends beyond the restumping if you plan to continue renovating. You will get a better outcome from any internal works due to the relevelled floors… or external works such as reroofing.

GUARANTEES to ensure your project is stress-free

1: Your investment is an absolute, fixed-price; there won’t be one cent more to pay
2: As we are registered builders, your whole project will be covered by insurance
3: All rubbish will be removed and disposed of correctly

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